About Stone Deals

Great tiles at amazing prices

Stone Deals : our name sums us up perfectly. Great quality natural stone tiles at extremely affordable prices.

Stone Deals has grown rapidly to become one of the leading names in natural stone in the UK. As well as having a full range of natural stone products (including travertine, marble, slate and limestone), we have recently added stone- replica porcelain tiles to our portfolio. Ideal for those who want the natural beauty of stone, without any of the maintenance.

Why are we so popular?

Because everyone loves a great deal, topped up with excellent customer service. Whether you're working on a million pound project or simply re-doing your bathroom, we're happy to help. As we manufacture alot of the stone ourselves we can give you prices that no-one else can match. Our prices are very competitive as we've cut out the middleman commission and importing direct from all over the world. But if you do want to see examples of our work just visit our online gallery.

Deals that go that extra mile

What we're most proud of is the fact that our customers just keep coming back for more. Great monthly deals, price promises, next day delivery, professional customer service and unbeatable prices all come as standard at Stone Deals. So why go anywhere else?

The full package

In order to help you get the most out of our tiles, we also sell under floor heating, a full range of grouts, adhesives and sealant- all that work in harmony with our products. We're constantly looking at new products and services that will give you, our customers more. So if there is anything you need that you don't see on our website, just let us know.

Feel confident with your decision

We've spent a lot of time making our website easy to use and making sure you've got enough information to make an informed choice. If you're wary of buying flooring from an internet company, simply order a sample and take it from there. Our Sales Team are always on hand to offer any advice and are always happy to help.

A better everyday life

The Stone Deals business idea is to offer a wide range of natural stone products with good selection and high quality at prices so low that as many people as possible will be able to afford them. And still have money left! Most of the time, beautifully designed covering materials are created for a small part of the population , the few who can afford them. From the beginning, we have taken a different path. We have decided to side with the many.

Our quality policy

We guarantee that our stone tiles will achieve essential process quality. These are established by our quality standards (see below), which have to be met by any suppliers we deal with.

We promise that the products we supply will be production fault-free and will achieve standard production quality as a minimum. Provided they are within tolerance levels, some properties of quality are:

I. Calibration: Unless otherwise requested (like riven slate), all products are fully calibrated and have the same thickness throughout.

II. Rectification: All tiles are square and have the specified width and depth.

III. Finishes on surfaces of products are consistent all over and fault-free.

IV. Consistency: We employ check points throughout the manufacturing and the supply chain to ensure consistency of background colouring and variation of products. However, some variations may occur within reason which cannot be eliminated due to the nature of the product.

We only recommend and sell grouts and adhesives that will do justice to the tiles you are purchasing. Those products are specially manufactured, they are flexible products which can be used with both porcelain and natural stone flooring installations.

You will need chemicals to seal your tiles. We only recommend and sell chemicals that pass complicated testing and are recognised by the industry.