Environmental Statement

Stone Deals is committed to continually improve environmental and ethical practices in every aspect of our business. We understand the need for sustainability and the importance to care and protect our environment. By striving to reduce our carbon footprint we can look forward to a brighter future.

The beauty of natural stone is not just its appearance but the fact that it will last longer than many manufactured products. Its longevity reduces replacement costs and is also a good option for those who cannot install products such as carpet due to allergy issues.

The production process uses very little chemicals and water is recycled. Within our business every transaction is completed via email and no paper is wasted. Our suppliers reuse pallets and ensure packaging is done in a way to help minimise its environmental impact. The nationwide haulage network we use is one of the greenest in the country and work effortlessly to reduce the carbon footprint in our deliveries.

All suppliers to Stone Deals must demonstrate that they meet universal ethical standards on worker welfare, which are closely monitored. Our suppliers comply with local labour laws, and workers at all suppliers to us are paid above the national minimum wage - we, under no circumstances, tolerate child labour.

We hope you appreciate the work we are doing to reduce our impact on the environment and the ethical practices we have in place.