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The thermostat is essential as it controls when your heating will come on, go off and the exact temperature you wish the floor and air to be. Each thermostat comes with a floor probe that is installed in the adhesive layer, midway between 2 heating cables.

- Intelligent touch screen control
- Manual heating on/off function
- 6 settings each day
- 3 year guarantee
- Floor sensor included
- Instructions included

All of our thermostats are rated at 16amps. This means you can fit the following amount of matting to each one:
- ezecable = 3600watts
- ezemat 160w = 22m2 of 160w/m2 mats
- ezemat 200w = 18m2 of 200w/m2 mats
- ezefoil = 24m2 of 150w/m2 mats

Calculating the load (amps) is very straightforward - take the size of your mats
in m2 and multiply this amount by the power of the mat (either 160 or 200). Take this figure and divide it by the Volts (230). The resulting figure is your load (amps). We would recommend using a damage alarm in case of accidental damage during installation. Please call us for details.
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