Share your Design

Tiles look the best in situ, with glorious kitchens, beautiful showers, gorgeous living rooms...Beauty of the tiles can only be seen in real designs.

In order to show the beauty of our tiles and inspire other people, we have initiated a campaign called "Share your Design". This is to encourage our customers to share their designs so that we can publish them on our website, brochures and social media. By sharing, we will spread the word and inspire thousands of potential customers who are looking for better ways to improve their living spaces.

As a thank you, if we decide to use the photos in our marketing materials, we will send you a small gift of £40.00 voucher from a store of your choice.

The tiles used in the photo must have been purchased from Stone Deals.

The photos will be taken by one of our photographers in order to be eligible for £40.00 gift.

In case we cannot travel to your place but still would like a photo of your project, below rules should be followed:
• Any digital camera is acceptable however photos should be of good quality, free of blur.
• The photos should have a wide viewing angle and the products should preferably be pictured in a large area.
• The minimum resolution should be 6 Megapixels.
• We may not need photos of certain material due to having more than enough already. If you'd like more info before sending your photos, please contact us with your order number and we will advise accordingly.