Why Choose Turin Wood Effect Porcelains?

In recent years, the decoration trend in our homes has been focused on the use of products that bring us closer to nature. Our wood effect porcelain tiles achieve this without harming nature by avoiding deforestation and achieve this extremely well with some of the most realistic visual and textured designs out there.



What colours are available in the Turin range wood effect tiles?

Our Turin range includes 5 different colour pallets to suit all themes the end user wishes to implement within their homes.


In what areas can I use wood effect tiles?

The simple answer is, anywhere you want. Wood effect tiles are water and stain-resistant, they are extremely durable and extremely easy to clean and their textured nature provides some slip resistance. This makes our wood effect porcelains some of the most versatile products to use anywhere around your home.



Different methods and techniques are used to achieve maximum visual impact.

Like real wood, wood-effect porcelains can also be installed in various layouts therefore the visual impact you wish to achieve can be achieved with our Turin wood-effect porcelain range.


The chevron layout.

This is achieved by placing the short side of one to the end of the long side of the other and continuing this layout throughout the installation providing a unique overall look.



Traditional brick layout

We are guessing this layout is a bit self-explanatory. Achieved by placing the second line of tiles halfway down the first line of tiles and alternating the line-up of tiles with every other line of tiles when laying them.

For the maximum effect your arrangements should depend on what you want to achieve if you want the space to look wider for example, your hallway, then laying the tiles length-wise across the narrow length of the hallway will make your hallway feel wider, if you want this space to feel longer, then the tiles should be laid lengthwise towards the end of your hallway.


How to choose the right Turin range colour?


Use lighter-toned Turin wood-effect porcelains for poorly lit or small areas, this will help brighten up this area and make it feel larger




The darker Turin range wood-effect tiles, tend to work best in larger rooms such as living rooms or larger bedrooms. Installation tips for wood effect tiles

If you are planning to install underfloor heating with your wood effect tiles, our recommendation is to use a flexible adhesive.

All manufacturers tend to recommend a minimum joint between wood effect tiles of 2 mm.

Advantages of using imitation wood flooring.

  • It does not have any maintenance.
  • Its installation is more economical.
  • It is more durable over time.
  • It doesn't matter if water leaks as it is waterproof.
  • Can install underfloor heating without any fear.

We hope to have clarified some doubts that you may have had about the use of wood-effect porcelain tiles in your home.