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It works well on both glazed and unglazed tiles. It's an excellent product for renovating old quarry tiles, terracotta, slate, stone, marble and stone fireplaces. It will have your tiles back to new in no time. 


- In mild cases - approximately 50m2 

- In more severe cases - approximately 20m2 

- In extremely severe cases - approximately 5-10m2

LTP Grimex Multi-purpose Intensive Cleaner

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Got stubborn stains that you just can't shift? Then get your hands on some LTP Grimex Multi-purpose Intensive Cleaner. It's the easiest way to get rid of stubborn grime, old layers of wax or acrylic and even rubber sole marks on terracotta and natural stone tiles.
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  1. Stone Deals
    Sonia Summerbell 28/09/2020

    Hi, I’ve had infilled travertine tiles in my kitchen for about 7 to 8 years. The sealant seems to be non existent now and the floor is stained and greasy. Would the LTP Multi-purpose intensive cleaner be suitable to use to clean it? Which sealant would you recommend to re-seal with. Thanks for your help

    • Stone Deals

      Our LTP Multi-purpose intensive cleaner is suitable for most of the restoration and cleaning circumstances however, may we suggest you consult a professional tile cleaner as some tiles that have not been restored for sometime may need professional restoration machinery. Our LTP Mattstone Impregnating Tile Sealer will then be perfectly suitable to reseal your restored tiles. Hope this is helpful.

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