Best Paving Tiles

So you have a garden you wish to apply a little facelift to, what better way to improve the visual appearance of a boring-looking garden as well as provide a more useful living space than installing beautiful new paving tiles.

We will suggest and provide more information on some of our most popular outdoor paving tiles for you in this blog.



Why install new paving tiles?

Firstly, what are paving tiles and why use them to give your garden that facelift you desire?

Paving tiles are specially manufactured and resized outdoor tiles. Our paving tiles are available in various different sizes, stone types and even anti-slip certifications.

We recommend no less than 20mm thickness when picking out natural stone paving tiles, this will ensure that they can withstand the changing weather conditions throughout the year. 

Installing paving tile in your garden also provides an excellent new living space, providing a hard surface area that can be used for a new fire pit area or a new outdoor dining area in your garden.




Are all paving tiles anti-slip certified?

The simple answer to this question is NO however, ALL paving or external tiles are manufactured with safety and durability in mind, many of the natural stone paving tiles available within the market do not come with anti-slip certification however, the natural properties and surface texture of any outdoor tile means they are resistant to slipping to a certain degree, this makes all tiles suitable and safe to use for outdoor installations.



The Brazilian Black paving tile for example is made out of natural slates, this helps give it the riven top surface which provides an excellent slip resistance. The Bordeaux grey and the Chateau Mic Limestone ranges both have a rough surface, and the Premium Ivory Travertine has natural unfilled holes, all these different surfaces and characteristics within these natural stone ranges are what make them the perfect options for your new project.




Do I need natural stone paving tiles, what are the alternatives?

This is an excellent question and one we come up against many time.

Again, our simple answer to the first part of this question is NO, you do not have to install natural stones for your new project. Our beautiful range of man-made porcelain tiles are readily available and are a perfect alternative to natural stones, porcelain tiles are not only much better for ease of maintenance after installation when compared to natural stones, but they also come with anti-slip certification for added safety and peace of mind. Some of our most popular ranges include the beautifully naturally toned Rock Grey R11 porcelain and the mystical look and visually appealing York Blue R11 porcelain. But our range of anti-slip porcelain includes many others in different colours to suit all types of projects.

Request your free paving tiles samples now and get the wheels rolling for that new project for your garden, you will be amazed at how much of a difference a new hard surface usable area can make to a boring old garden.