Best uses of ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles are popular options for many reasons, price, low maintenance, and resistance to moisture and odours, are just a few reasons why many people choose ceramic tiles over any other materials.

In this blog, we will provide you with some areas in which ceramic tiles are best used.




Many areas within the kitchen can make use of the benefits of ceramic tiles.

As splashback tiles, ceramic tiles are the perfect choice for this use, they are easy to clean and durable extremely resistant to water absorption.

Kitchen island coverings and ceramic tiles will change the way your kitchen island looks like no other tiles, and being one of the cheapest materials means you can achieve this at the lowest cost compared to natural stones or even porcelain tiles. Also being easy to clean, any splashes and stains are easily cleaned even if not straight away, with no damage to your ceramic tiles.




Our Amazon range has the perfect surface texture if you want to freshen up the appearance of your bathroom walls with a new look and add some texture to them. Again their water resistance and easy cleaning are why they are the best option for bathrooms on a budget.


This little area will be the most used area of any home for obvious reasons, so the high durability, easy to clean benefits of ceramic tiles again make them the perfect option for this area, hey, even if a few tiles do get damaged over time, at least you know they are easy and cheap to replace.



Around fireplaces

Ceramic tiles are extremely heat resistant due to how they are manufactured, this is probably why it is ceramic tiles that are preferred for safety, in public spaces like the London Underground. Ceramic tiles are often most people’s first choice to use around a fireplace, they have been used for this purpose for hundreds of years. So you can use ceramic tiles around your fireplace with confidence.

Perfect for hallways

Our Metro ceramic range is inspired by the London underground metro tiles, so there is no better way to give this feel to your hallway with them, with the currently available five options to choose from white to blue, grey to black, your hallways can feel fresh and be the centre of first discussions when you have a friend or relative visit you for the very first time. No doubt they will feel like a train will arrive soon.



Why not mix and match?

Because they are man-made tiles, almost all ceramic tiles within the same range will be manufactured to the same specifications, with only one variable, the colour.

This then makes them the perfect material to mix and match, making that wall an artwork, the focus of discussion and an inimitable area. It is your design, your piece of art, your unique project.



Hexagon ceramics

Our Amazon range now is also available in the 9cm side length large hexagons. Depending on the setting and theme, Amazon green hexagon is available in green and white to choose from, these fantastic ceramic tiles will help add a dash of colour and elegance to your living room or dining area.

So whether you want to imitate the white walls of Liverpool Street Station or simply want a change that is cost-effective, easy to install and maintain. Our ceramics range will provide you with the perfect options to choose from.