Kitchen Floor Tiles Ideas & Some Useful Tips

When it comes to kitchen flooring material, the obvious choice is natural-stone tiles. Cork, wood, and vinyl flooring have certain benefits, but they do not come close to matching the natural stone’s appealing look, feel and sheer durability.

All types of stone flooring can work in kitchen installations. Natural stone tiles in kitchens is actually one of the most popular looks whether you have a contemporary or a more modern home. It’s not just the way natural stones look that make them a solid choice either for your kitchens, from travertine and limestone to the darkest slate and marbles tiles, the design possibilities of stone flooring are vast and very durable, making them one of the best types of flooring materials to choose from.

Natural stone floor tiles are widely considered as the first choice by most consumers, if the aim is to add value and character to any property, when chosen wisely, you won’t want to change them for years to come.

Nearly all natural stone flooring used in kitchens will give it both a unique style and functionality. For instance limestone tiles do not wear down easily and give a warm rustic finish while marble stone will provide a classy and modern feel, slate tile range usually being darker stones, will provide a more atmospheric environment when accompanied by good lighting. Travertine gives you many options to create that warm summer home feel in your kitchens.

We have many types of marble, travertine, slate and limestone tiles in our range that can be used in kitchens.
Here are some of the best natural-stone flooring choices for your kitchen.

Slate tiles are split into various thicknesses and available with that unmatched unique texture and finish that only they can possess.

Slate tiles are the first choice option for kitchens if the desire is to feel that natural riven texture on its surface under your feet.
From our Rust Multicolour Calibrated Riven Slate from £14.99/m2 to Brazilian Black/Grey Slates from £15.99/m2 to our Woodland Green range from £19.99/m2, you not only have immensely popular option to choose from with many tones and vibrant colour slates, but also at fantastic prices as well.
Our Brazilian Sate tiles on your kitchen floor with our Brazilian herringbones on your kitchen walls is a sight to behold.

Our Marble stones are also available in a wide range of fantastic colours, from white to various greys through to cream, silver and black, so if your aim is to enhance your kitchen's appearance and bring it up several notches in class, then our marble will be the best choice for you.

Just our Carrara White Marble range include all the market standard regular tile sizes along with the popular 10 cm side length polished and the honed finish hexagon tiles as well as our newly introduced and becoming increasingly popular Oblong Hexagon range. With our Chevron and Herringbone Marble, providing many options for our customers to choose from in shape, size and finish to brighten up your kitchen.

But don’t underestimate the value of fantastic visual appearance that can be achieved with our other range of Marble stones with the likes of our Botticino, Cappuccino Premium and Silver Dark Marble all with their own characteristics that provide a unique look and feel.

Limestones do need that additional care and maintenance to ensure you protect their natural look for as long as possible.
Despite the additional care requirements of limestone tiles needed due to their higher porosity, they are still extremely popular for kitchens, we recommend that you try to stay away from the lighter toned Limestones as they tend to be less suitable for kitchens and show dirt or stains much more and ensure you seal any limestones you have set your heart on with a natural tile sealer more regularly than with any other natural stone.

Our more kitchen suitable darker toned Limestone range, such as our Jerusalem Gold, Salem Gold and Moleanos Blue-Beige from £32.99/m2, £33.99/m2 and £39.99/m2 respectively are regularly purchased for kitchen installations. Limestone is and will always will be the first choice for millions of customers around the world, if you have ever seen them in person, surely you would agree to why they are so popular.

This special stone which brings that amazing summer home feel to any kitchen, is one of the most popular natural stone types preferred for kitchens. We recommend our premium grade Ivory range for kitchens as it is a denser stone with less holes, again it is always recommended to ensure that your tiles are sealed and cleaned regularly to make sure any accidental spillages do not get soaked into your tiles. We all would like to think spillages won’t occur, but unfortunately accidents always do occur, so don’t take any chances with your precious new tiles.

Our Premium Ivory Tumbled, Premium Ivory Honed and Premium Ivory Chipped edge Travertine from £23.99/m2, £24.99/m2 and £26.49/m2 respectively, will be brilliant choses for any kitchen.

So which natural stone finish should you choose for your kitchens?
The finish you choose will affect the overall look of your tiles and your kitchen's appearance.

Below is a simple explanation to what's what in floor tile finishes.
•    Honed – a smooth, matt surface for a natural non-reflective look.
•    Polished – smoothed and machined for a glossy highly reflective finish.
•    Tumbled – an aged or distressed finish created by the tumbling process, which uses a machine with water and stones to give softer, more rounded edges.
•    Riven – usually slate tiles, are split to expose the natural texture for a rustic look and great texture.
•    Brushed – a finish that is created by stiff bristles for a slightly rough appearance for a more natural top surface feel and appearance.
•    Chiselled Edge – a process in which tiles edges are chipped away to create a more aged overall look to the tile.

We recommend for you to browse our selection and request your free samples today.