Marble Bathroom Designs and Tips

Natural Marble stone tiles always add a touch of class, feel and atmosphere to any room that is unmatched by anything else, especially true when used in a bathroom as this area of our home will most probably be the only room in the entire house where marble tiles can be installed on both the floor and the walls with the comfort of knowing that it simply will work.

Now imagine the upgrade in its appearance with our white marble tile all around, giving you that clean, classy and refreshing feel or a warm cream tone marble tile with its warmer tone providing that relaxing glow for a more soothing natural feel when you enter it your bathroom. And if your bathroom is complemented with that perfect spotlighting with any marble tile of your choice, you will be thinking “why have I waited so long to go marble before?”.

There is a vast range of marble tile ranges available in many different colours, as well as many different shapes and sizes like herringbones, chevrons, hexagons to name just a few to, that adds to the possibilities that can be achieved for your bathroom project, and each marble range help create its unique appearance and feel when you walk into this special area of your homes.

Let's start simple, even the monochromatic bathroom adopts marble very well. Carrara white marble, for example, represents cleanliness and innocence and serves as a perfect neutral base for decorations in bold, even flashy colours, although they cannot be defined as true colours, white, black and shades of grey offer a huge range of tonal combinations and are considered modern and timeless. You will find many options available which will be suitable for both large and small bathrooms to make them look luxurious and attractive. Our The all-white bathroom, with good quality fittings, is an excellent example of a minimalist design that oozes class.

After white, the cream is the second most popular marble colour for bathroom designs. The cream is subconsciously linked to nature and forest and contribute to the mood of serenity and well-being. Combine them with white accessories for a particularly fresh and pleasant atmosphere, or use them in a woodhouse seaside-themed bathroom.

The brown, beige, sand and cream can be the best shades for the bathroom for people who love nature, warmth and natural materials. Nature-themed bathrooms, which are made entirely of organic materials such as stone and wood, have become extremely popular and seems they are not going to go out of fashion soon.

So, you still have some questions.

Is real marble any good for a bathroom?

Natural Marble is a perfectly suitable stone range to be used in any bathroom, marble is not only very durable when installed and maintained properly, but it also helps provide an undisputed touch of class and value to any property.

What is the best marble range to use in a bathroom?

As we all know, every bathroom is very unique in its size and shape, with its natural lighting, and the theme that you may wish to go for maybe to complement the rest of your home therefore, it would not be fair to the many marble tile ranges available to announce one particular marble tile range to be better than another in a bathroom. We always recommend that multiple options are considered and researched before deciding on which of the fantastic marble range is the most suitable option for your particular project. But what we can say for certain is, price should not take precedence over quality.

What colour marble should I choose for my bathroom?

One of the most popular has always been the white traditional theme achieved by our Carrara white marble range to provide that peaceful and tranquil aura in any bathroom. 

With the beige undertone of our Botticino Premium, light brown, light walnut tones of our Cappuccino Premium and the light cream tone of our Crema Marfil, it will create that warm, soothing feel.

We have also seen an increase in popularity of our Carrara Gold, Silver Fantasy, Calacatta Violet marble ranges and this increased interest in the newer ranges may indicate a change in trend for the rest of 2022.


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Which marble bathroom designs will be trending most in 2022?

In 2022 trends seem to indicate that we may see more and more bathroom installations that include the larger chevron and herringbone marble tile ranges, as well as the larger hexagon tiles if the recent trends are anything to go by since the later part of 2021 and so far, into 2022.

What type of marble tile is the best for bathroom walls?

The consensus here is that a polished tile is a popular choice, they will always provide a more spacious feel in your bathroom, and therefore a mirror-like finish of a polished finish tile will always be the favourable option.

But again, every bathroom is unique and more importantly, every user's expectation and preferences are different, we have many customers that use the matt/honed finished tiles on their bathroom walls with total satisfaction.

What type of marble tile is the best for bathroom floors?

The main thing to consider here is safety when it comes to choosing your bathroom floor tiles therefore, the actual finish of the tiles normally does take precedence over style and colour in most cases. The finish of a marble tile directly impacts the safety within your bathroom, polished tiles will always be more slippery and therefore increase the risk of accidents, especially when wet. Not every honed/matt finished tile may be anti-slip certificated but due to their finish, matt tiles are much less slippery than any polished marble tiles and the safer option for floor installations when being considered for your bathroom floors.


Whatever marble tile range you wish to go for, you can be certain of one thing, natural marble is going to change how you perceive your bathroom forever.

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