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Silver Luna: A Marble for Generations

We have realised that majority of our customers are looking for simple designs, at the same time creating stunning environments. We at Stone Deals work hard to bring the best sought after tile colours. In this post, we will give some information about an already unique material, Silver Luna marble

These tiles are fabulous in terms of design and texture. They offer everything that someone can ask for. Simple light grey colour with beautiful yellow – grey veining. The best part is, these tiles do not just come in simple 30x61cm or 61x61cm sizes. We offer:

Silver Luna Herringbone Marble

Silver Luna Marble Mosaics

Hexagon tiles

In order to create exciting combinations. The tiles & mosaics are available less than 13mm thickness which make them very easy to use, however they should be used inside only. Honed & polished versions are both available, in case some customers request a matt, some request shiny finishes. 

We also need to mention that the journey of marble tiles is not a simple matter. From extraction to delivery, marble tiles go through many stages until they are delivered to your door. Quarry, production, selection, inspection, transportation from overseas etc… The amount of work to produce and ship natural stone marble is something to cover in another blog post. However rest assured, the marble products that are on this website are manufactured with the latest techniques and offer only the nature itself.


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