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Why Choose Travertine Flooring?

What is Travertine?

Travertine is a type of natural stone (no need to go into their geological history) and is a very popular choice among our customers. Its price, appearance and application variety makes them one of the top selling items on our website. 

As always with other materials, travertine tiles also come in different shape and appearances. Some popular choices:

Honed & Filled: The cavities on the stone are filled with filling compound (similar to cement) and smoothed afterwards. 

Tumbled: The surface is manufactured as pitted with corners rounded - natural which gives the tile an old - aged look. 

Filled & Polished: The surface is filled with cement again however this time, using abrasive pads with circular motion, the surface is polished. However, the fillings will still look matt on the surface as the cement cannot be polished. 

Vein Cut: Rather than cutting the travertine block in perpendicular (cross cut) to the natural bedding, it is cut parallel, hence creating a unique effect.


Brushed: Using the abrasive pads again, the surface is produced in textured finish.

Chipped Edge: Edges are produced in chipped (chiselled) effect which creates a contemporary look. Generally the surface comes in brushed finish as well. 

The finish you choose will be related to your circumstances. There is no better or worse finish, it is simply what you like the most in your design. 

What about Indoors or Outdoors?

If you'd like to use the travertine outside, we recommend going for 3cm thickness.

1cm or 2cm thickness cannot withstand the harsh weather conditions. We recommend tumbled - pitted surface in order to provide slip resistance. We supply exterior light travertine for those looking to fix something beautiful to their garden.

For indoors, 1,2cm thick travertine is sufficient enough for majority of applications. 

Why should I buy travertine?

Because it is beautiful and very affordable. And it is natural - real. You may end up paying more to the fake porcelain effects, and also the technology still cannot replicate the natural travertine effect in ceramic industry as expected. 

Do I need special treatment for my wall or floor?

All natural stone tiles need extra care due to being porous. Any coloured liquids or acids need to be washed off as soon as possible. Acidic cleaners must not be used. And tiles need to be sealed from time to time depending on the usage. We also provide travertine sealers & maintenance items

If you use honed & filled travertine, it is normal to have fillers pop out from time to time. This is normal and the voids can be filled using travertine filler. 

How do I restore an old travertine floor into its original look?

There are specialist companies around, who can help or use cleaners specifically manufactured for natural stone. If you are not happy with the result after applying cleaners, ask for professional help who can advise further. 


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