Why outdoor pavings are so uniquely manufactured?

Our outdoor living space can either be a burden to take care of or a haven. Both outcomes are heavily dependent on what we decide to do with it. If we neglect our outdoor space, we end up with weed issues, tall grass, and an overall unsightly area that we gaze upon when we walk out to our gardens OR with a little planning and the correct selection of amazing outdoor paving tiles, we can make our outdoor space an area that we want to spend most of our time in. Imagine what can be achieved with a bit of effort (usually by the tilers) and imagination (usually from the customer) 


Landscaping a garden is not the most consequential thing as this can easily be changed in the future however, tiling an area with paving stones that are usually bedded on cement is, choosing the right area and size is important but even more important, choosing the outdoor pavings is even more important, these are the stones that will last a lifetime with some installations and there is nothing worse than being unhappy with your selection.

So how are these stones so robust and can last longer than other stone ranges?

Well, the key to this is how they are manufactured.
There are a few key areas that manufacturers always consider when producing tiles for external use.

1)     Size and shape
2)     Surface suitability
3)     Thickness to handle various weather extremes


Size and shape:
Nearly all outdoor tiles are either a square or a rectangle, the reason for this is to avoid big space between each stone, as this will then require to be filled or in effect changing the overall look of the paving’s laid. Yes, some stones are available in weird and wonderful shapes however, this is a different look that end users are after altogether and usually doesn’t cover large spaces.

Surface suitability:
Using your tiles outdoors means that your paving tiles will be exposed to rain, sunshine, snow and everything in between throughout the year. For safety reasons, manufacturers have to take this into account and ensure that it is always safe to walk on your tiles therefore, the paving tiles either come anti-slip certified or have a matt riven or textured overall surface. So you should feel safe whatever the weather.

Thickness to handle various weather extremes:
The thickness of external pavings is another important thing that is considered by the manufacturers, natural stones react to the elements therefore, they have to be manufactured to be frost resistant, handle extreme summer heat and other extreme conditions, as well as being able to bear heavy loads and weight, some of the paving’s within our range has even been used as driveway stones, bearing the weight of the household vehicles.


Regardless of where you decide to use your paving tiles, you get rest assured and be comfortable knowing that their design and manufacturing technique will make them suitable for your project.
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