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The New Calacatta Range

Let me take this opportunity to introduce you to one of our newest range of marble stones which is sourced from the well known province of Mugla on the south west of Turkey, the Aegean Coast. Turkey is a country that seems to have endless supply of natural stone with it's massive land and quarries and it's newest range is a sight to behold.

Calacatta Character

With its fantastic multicoloured veins from orange, purple, gold and black, it almost looks like nature decided to go wild when producing this amazing stone almost like a Picasso painting.

Calacatta Violet Marble - Polished

Range & Versatility

With it's straight cut edges and polished finish and with the option of being used in high traffic areas such as offices and work environments due to it's denser structure, the versatility and appearance of this marvellous stone already is becoming very popular with our customers.

For office use, the Calacatta range is so different we believe it will be a topic of discussion during meetings regardless of where it is installed, main office area, reception, meeting rooms or simply the WC area, it will always be admired and positively commented on.

The Calacatta Selection & its Options

Our Calacatta Violet marble range also comes in the 100mm x 305mm Herringbone which fantastically complement the 305mm x 610mm size tiles in any environment.

You can use the larger tiles on the floors and herringbone tiles on the walls to have a complementary but still distinctive finish to your floor and walls.

Or you can use the same tiles both on the walls and floors and get a more unified look, with it's polished reflective finish, especially in a spot lighted area like a hallway or an open plan lounge living area, the lights will bounce of it's surface creating an even more spacious feeling to your space.

Calacatta Violet Marble Herringbone - Polished

You can simply even use the herringbone on the walls to complement any wooden floor finish giving you that overall natural finish.

We will encourage you to request a free sample on our website to see this stone for yourself.


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