Traditional Bathroom Designs, Maintenance and Tips

Our bathrooms really are where most of us normally find peace and tranquillity within our homes, possibly because we can make this room what we like, break away from the traditional norm and get creative in terms of not just colour and types of natural stones we can use in this special room but the actual design and layout of the bathrooms themselves, we can make this room look like whatever we want.

An important thing to remember when installing wall tiles in wet areas is to ensure you have a waterproof membrane between the wall and your tiles that are being installed as this will protect your walls from water exposure which will damage your walls over time.

Let’s discuss your options on what nature gives us.

With natural stones such as marble to travertine, limestone to slate tiles and with all the different set sizes and our special tile formats within our natural stone selection, you have a fantastic number of combinations that you could decide on to create your own unique bathroom setting.

Choosing our extremely popular travertine option is an easy decision, with our Premium Ivory Split Face tiles on a feature wall or shower area combined with our Ivory Travertine Filled and Honed standard tiles with this combination. Travertine tones and warm colours will help create a warm, soothing atmosphere in your bathroom.

Carrara White Marble
Opting to go with our classy marble options, our Carrara White marble range if you wanted a richer brighter look will be the perfect option. One of the most impressive things you will notice with our marble range is the special tile formats to choose from for all our customers, vastly increasing your options and letting your imagination run wild with possibilities and ideas.

We also have many other great natural tiles to choose from like our Carrara White Chevrons, Herringbone to Hexagons giving you the opportunity to step out of the regular look and go for that uniquely special appearance.

Any of our stone tiles with the polished finish, will make any bathroom feel rich as well as giving it a more spacious feel with your spot lighting being reflected off their polished shiny surface.

Warm toned marble
There is also the option to go for our highly popular, warmer toned marble range such as our Crema Marfil, Botticino Premium, Cappuccino Premium marble ranges that all also come in the polished finish, if you want that warm feeling you would get from using our travertine tiles but in a more reflective surface of a polished natural Marble stone.

Silver and Dark Marble
We also have our Silver Dark Hexagon and our darkest tile, the extremely unique Nero Marquina Marble which has a dark black undertone with white veins. Nero Marquina with its highly polished finish and dark black undertone is our most reflective stone, almost like a mirror, will reflect all your lights off the walls and spots lights of the ceiling giving you that amazing showroom feel.

Limestone options
We stock and supply 19 different Limestones within our range and with different sizes and thicknesses as well as patterns available in most of our limestone range, you have a multitude of choices and possibilities.

Our Dijon grey range not only comes in 2 set sizes with different thicknesses, but it also comes in the market leading Opus Romano pattern as well as the highly popular 600 x FL x 20 selection. Our Limestone range include smooth to the touch finish stones such as our Salem Gold, Antalya Cream and Moleanos Fine Grain and our Rustic range in Chateau Mix and Romagne Grey and our most natural look and feel limestones such as our Vienne yellow, Valley Grey and Bordeaux Grey and many more to select from.
We highly recommend for you to browse through our selections to find your next favourite natural stones.

The most important thing to consider when selecting any of our limestone range for bathroom applications is the thickness of the tiles, because thicker tiles will raise your floor considerably, the expected rise of your floor level with thicker tiles should be taking into consideration before you set your heart on any one of our range, as some bathrooms may not be suitable.

The only thing now left for you to do is to browse through our fantastic selection of stones available for your next project and decide on what kind of colour, tone and finish you visualise in your bathroom to give it a more special and unique feeling.

How to protect and maintain your new natural stone after installation
The first thing to make sure is choosing the correct sealer, our LTP MPG polish sealer is used on polished tiles and our LTP Mattstone tile sealer is used on honed (none reflective) tiles. If you have another product from another manufacturer, please read the bottle label for suitability of use on your specific tiles before use.
All natural stones should be sealed at least twice, once before and once after grouting, some tilers actually prefer the 1st coat even before they start working with your precious new natural stones then following your installation with before and after grouting coats of seal. Sealing your tiles that you set your heart, will help maintain and preserve their natural and original look for many years. Sealing your natural tiles is a process that should be repeated periodically, we recommend you don’t neglect re-application periodically after deep cleaning, typically once a year depending on the traffic they are exposed to and cleaning intervals.

Cleaning natural stones
For day to day cleaning, usually nothing more is needed than warm water and a little bit of dishwashing soap however, it is always best to ensure your soap is not lemon, bleach or vinegar based as these types of products will damage your beloved tiles
For deeper cleaning or for more stubborn dirt, we recommend using a specially designed cleaning product like our LTP Grimex multi-purpose cleaner, which will also help get rid of old layers of wax or acrylic and even rubber sole marks on terracotta and natural stone flooring.
After using any strong deep cleaning products, it is best to consider resealing your freshly cleaned beloved natural tiles to add back that protective layer.