Why Limestone Tiles are so Popular

Let’s take time to understand this wonderful natural stone and our range that we provide that will transform every home. 

Limestones have very unique characteristics as a building material. As a sedimentary rock, limestone is basically calcium carbonate. It is formed by fossils, shells and other fossilized debris. Some limestone actually visibly showcase these within their structure.

Let me introduce you to our range of limestone tiles which include;

Jerusalem Gold which has a warm tone with distinctive patterns and usually visible shells, this limestone helps every area glow with it’s warm tone and feel.

Salem Gold is quite similar to our Jerusalem range but with darker tone of natural stone which which is also very popular with our customers.

Moca cream, another very unique range where the surface is reminiscent of the surface of Jupiter with its streaking lines and colours, giving you that planetary feel.

Moleanos, Antalya honed and Antalya tumbled ranges have more of a lighter and unified appearance that seamlessly flow throughout any environment.

Then we have our versatile range which include our Vienne Yellow, Chateau Mix, Romagne Grey and Valley Grey Limestones that all come with their own unique appearance and feel under your feet, this very popular range can be used both internally and externally giving you that natural and seamless flow from your internal living space to your external haven. 

Limestones are special stones that need tender care and caution during and after installation and once installed in your home, if taken care of like this amazing  natural stone deserves to be, you will love their feel under your feet and the way they transform your home with their always unique appearance.

P.s. Tilers also appreciate that limestones are much easier to cut hence therefore much easier to work with then much harder stones like marble and granite.